VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It also called Internet phone or IP phone. This technology allows us using Internet to make phone calls and in comparison of traditional phones based on wire-line, uses digital technology. In fact, by using VoIP technology, voice can be sent by means of IP informational packet through the Internet.

In order to achieve above require, VoIP can use hardware accelerators or PC-based environment. IP-based networks are supported on all networks such as organizations network, private networks, public networks, wired networks and wireless networks. In fact, VoIP can be run on all networks.

VoIP advantages:


  • Support all kind of PSTN as input (analog or digital)
  • Transfer internal calls using LAN, wireless, Internet, Intranet
  • Cheaper than Panasonic systems
  • Free calls between office and branches of the organization even outside the country
  • Develop on places where there are limitation of telephone lines from Telecom
  • Remove the cost of purchasing and maintaining multiple call centers for independent department at organizations
  • Reduce or remove the cost of cable communications (telephone) due to using network platform, especially in new buildings
  • Remove the cost of buying accessories such as IVR, voice-mail, calls archive, operator panel and call centers
  • unlimited extension
  • Reduce managers’ time wasting duo to replace verbal sessions by video and audio conferencing
  • Control response quality by management
  • Convenient and easy of use without training
  • Variety usage of different methods to make call (via phone software and hardware)
  • Softphone computer or mobile phone

VoIP features:

  • Free calls between offices and branches of the company
  • Make phone calls via Internet or Intranet
  • Remove the cost of accessories
  • Unlimited extension
  • Transfer calls when you are not at work
  • Provide various reports
  • Send and receive fax
  • Voice-mail to record incoming calls when you cannot answer the phone-based
  • Define call queue
  • Unified remote management
  • Video conferencing
  • Customizable software
  • Record and archive calls
  • Digital secretary