Organizational turn taking

The goal of designing and implementing automated turn taking systems is giving discipline to turn taking process and welfare of turn consumers. So turn taking is very important because of high volume referrers. In addition, due to the availability of telephones almost everywhere, telephony turn taking systems are in special attention at organization and institute.

Advantages of organizational turn taking:

  • Integration of all sub systems
  • Capable to work offline
  • Auto sync between offline system and other sub systems
  • Ability to use on android smart phones
  • While the system is synchronous via internet, by cutting of the Internet system can continue its tasks

Organizational turn taking system features:

  • Manage information of each organization via admin panel (dashboard) by organization admin (Internet, verbal)
  • Manage staff, staff’s positions and staff’s permission (Internet, verbal)
  • Manage managers’ information, weekly work schedules of each manager with organization, shifts, and type of service (Internet, verbal)
  • Auto detect holidays and special occasions in order to accuracy in recording manager’s weekly work schedule (Internet, verbal, Android, kiosk)
  • Set system work time by organization manager (Internet, verbal)
  • Available on Internet, verbal, Android, telephone and kiosk platform
  • Capable to register users into system (Internet, verbal, android)
  • Manage registered users by organization manager or authenticated staff (Internet, verbal)
  • Define referrer and record his / her information by users (Internet, verbal, Android)
  • Booking for defined referrers by users (Internet, verbal, Android, kiosk)
  • Capable to reserve using advanced search in order to speed up choosing manager or suitable organization (Internet, verbal, Android, kiosk)
  • Capable to define allowed number of day in order to reserve for each manager (Internet, verbal)
  • Capable to cancel reservation by users or organization manager (Internet, verbal, Android, kiosk)
  • Set variety cancel reservation condition for each manager if it was necessary (Internet, verbal)
  • Reservation reminder via SMS, email or telephone (Internet, verbal, Android, kiosk)
  • Specify number of allowed reservation for each manager in each weekday via internet, Android, telephone, verbal and kiosk (Internet, verbal)
  • Capable to record users’ activities and view reports by organization manager (Internet, verbal)
  • Record temporary absence of each manager (Internet, verbal)
  • Automatic cancel reservation that they are in period of manager temporary absence time and send SMS notification to applicants (Internet, verbal, Android, kiosk)
  • Capable to transfer reservation to the desire date (internet, verbal)
  • Sync available information between verbal and Internet server autocratically or manually (Internet, verbal)
  • Capable to active verbal system in offline mode (verbal)
  • Announce reservation at organization via sound and image (on the screen) (verbal)
  • Capable to announce next turn automatically or via manager announcement (verbal)
  • Auto schedule backup of available information (Internet, verbal)
  • variety reports of the reservation by system admin (Internet, local)