The goal of designing and implementing automated turn taking systems is giving discipline to turn taking process and welfare of turn consumers. So turn taking is very important because of high volume referrers. In addition, due to the availability of telephones almost everywhere, telephony turn taking systems are in special attention at organization and institute.

Advantages of organizational turn taking:

  • Integration of all sub systems
  • Capable to work offline
  • Auto sync between offline system and other sub systems
  • Ability to use on android smart phones
  • While the system is synchronous via internet, by cutting of the Internet system can continue its tasks

Medical turn taking features:

  • Define doctors group (specialties)
  • Define doctors, holidays, system work time
  • Define and adjust audio menu
  • Set the state of the system as active or inactive
  • Settings for type of audio announcement as static or dynamic
  • Set day of turn taking with options just today or other days
  • Set shifts of turn taking on 3 states: just morning, just afternoon, morning and afternoon
  • Set time for adding into the specified reservation
  • Define doctors’ work time with capability of setting work on holidays or just on working days
  • Capable to define each doctor as a subset of single or multiple specialties
  • Capable to create a call queue, reporting according to one or all doctors’ working days
  • Reporting according to one or all doctors’ shifts
  • Reporting according to weekdays of one or all doctors
  • Reporting according to doctors group, specialties
  • Implement of variety methods of turn taking
  • Advanced and smart management for concurrent calls in order to take last turn from doctor via turn taking system
  • Capable to confirm or decline given turn by turn consumer