You, as a manager, are interested in increasing ordinary tasks’ speed in your organization. But in reality too much time is spent doing correspondence and handle requests and letters.
The research of WFMC group shows that organizations and traditional actually receive only 30 percent of time they have spent on process and remaining 70 percent is wasting time and money. Office automation systems are the solution of the problem mentioned above by automating variety parts of administrative processes.

Advantages of office automation:

  • Performing office tasks outside workplace any time
  • Reducing non-productive activities such as archive physical documents and etc
  • Maintenance operation records in less volume, high security and easy reference
  • Producing required reports in several charts
  • Reducing administrators, secretaries and typists’ tasks
  • Follow-up tasks at any where any time by telephone
  • Controlling classified information
  • Increasing accuracy in operation and recording all tasks
  • Paperless process of doing jobs
  • Tracking tasks and follow-up process
  • Ease and speed of work flow
  • High security in maintenance documents and access them
  • Prerequisite for implementation
  • According to senior management belief on the need of changing in the organization
  • Knowing current status of circulation and maintenance of documents at organization
  • Providing communication platform and hardware equipment
  • Compiling deployment methodology of system establishment
  • Basic training to users