Pishro integrated financial software

You can collect, analyze, store and classify a set of financial interconnected components within an organization or institute by using accounting system. And data in the form of reports made availabe to users inside and outside an organization. The goal is evaluating organization position and introducing to the clients by new and practical methods and finally sharing output in codified and standard reports with managers and shareholders.

Most important of Pishro integrated financial software features:

  • Convenient user interface
  • Quick learning based on keyboard
  • Define account topic up to level 5
  • Record accounting document manually
  • Define supplementary information (economical and identical information) for persons
  • Define commercial information consist of credit balance, time checkout, marketing percent and the account balance limitation for persons
  • Insert note and comment for persons
  • Record documents temporary, permanent or final
  • Report balance and books
  • close accounts and create financial period automatically
  • Complete search for all information about the documents (consist of price, description, center, document and data scope, and etc)
  • center systems
  • Making combined report of accounts and store reports
  • Integration of documents and print integrated documentation
  • Total monthly document report (to record on legal books)
  • Transfer data from a document to another document
  • Import data from Excel, Text, PE2 files
  • Export data to TIFF, Excel, Text, PE2 files

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Salary software

One of the most time-consuming activities that occupies financial managers consistently and always is with risk of human fault in collecting performance information and real and accurate calculating salary and benefits, is salary calculating.

Different methods of calculation, payment and number of staff affects complexity of calculations. Therefore, using automatic salary system that could perform calculation in shortest way with least human fault and give varied reporting requirement for organization manager, is a great help for financial managers.

Salary software features:

  • Varied legal reports
  • Connection with Pishro accounting system and export salary accounting documents
  • Report saving account cortex
  • Give permission leave
  • Calculate person per hour chart
  • Introduce tree of different department dynamically
  • Introduce staff covered by insurance and job-centers
  • Introduce effective types in salary calculation
  • Evaluate staff in different time period
  • Introduce varied loan and loan payment condition to staff
  • Set rounded payment price methods and export effect to the next month