Nowadays time management is considered as a very important issue, due to work and mental busyness and also due to be sensitive. And this management required tools which they have been used during different periods. As an example, due date notes that used for daily tasks. But the problem that those due date notes had have, was frequent refer to them and reminder for staff. And this problem probably was caused tasks aren’t done on time. Using this features that exist I software set as integrated, could create effective customer relationship via SMS and to schedule and remind events.

  • Create note and reminder during different time for staff and manager
  • Remind due date for payment cheques before due date
  • Remind due date for received cheques before due date
  • Schedule for sending immediately or by days and time, also daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Send product price, address and company phone, company account number
  • Send clients remained account
  • Send congratulations and condolences text by schedule
  • Send reminder text (warning) to renew clients contract couple of day before end of contract
  • Send installment due date text for clients
  • Send mass SMS
  • Send SMS for interval of numbers (for example from 09131510001 to 09131519999)
  • Send in time and date scope
  • Control delivery messages (The SMS sent or not)