Cheque and Bank

One of the main concerns of financial managers in organizations is controlling incoming and payments and awareness of liquidity situation. Successful financial managers for their financial plans should specially control liquidity reduction and completely be aware of cash flow situation in their organization. Treasury software that is a part of financial and office software, not only has a direct connection with financial accounting software and related programs including buying and selling, but also helps financial managers to control incoming and payments, estimate bank balance and have total report of received and paid cheque, and etc.

  • Define bank accounts
  • Define cheque properties
  • Record varied assignments and deposits
  • Record and determine cheque status
  • Record cheque assignment to persons and bank
  • Print information on the cheque
  • Print cheques assignment form to the account
  • Control account numbers with returned record
  • Record payment cheques in form Aminous
  • Save branches information briefly (name and branch code) and full (name, code, address, phone)
  • Record cheques on consignment
  • Revoke payment cheques
  • Control serial cheque and payment receipt repetition
  • Full search of all information related to bank documents